Online Painting with Sierra Material list.

Before each class a zoom invite link will be sent to your email. Inside this invite will be a list of all colors needed for that days painting.

**Please note that you are not required to purchase these specific materials to attend the class. This list of recommendations are only to assist and are suggestive. Materials found around the house are perfectly fine.

General list of what will be needed in class:

  • Canvas (9×12, 8×10, or larger)
  • Brushes (small detail brush, Medium square or round brush, and large flat brush).
  • Cup/Jar of water
  • Paper towels or rags.
  • Hair dryer, fan, or handmade fan/clean paper plate.
  • Paper plates for paint mixing.
  • Paint colors for the days painting.
  • Surface that can get paint on it or a covered surface.
  • Optional: Apron or old clothes.
  • Optional: Black sharpie marker.

If you ever have any questions regarding materials always feel free to reach Miss Sierra at 509-995-0620 or




We recommend 8×10 canvases to be the smallest you go. Any smaller can be challenging to paint on. The ideal size for canvases in this class is 9×12. Also, panel board Canvases are great because they are typically cheaper, easier to store, less likely be damaged or stretched while painting.

Don’t forget to use your coupons!!