Welcome to Shine Art Center!

We are a division of the Shine Youth Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing accessible programs in the arts through scholarships and education.

The Shine Art Center provides programs in dance and art for kids and families. It is our vision to create an inclusive, welcoming and creative place for our community to explore and celebrate the arts. We are proud to offer a reduced tuition program for qualifying families.

Our Center is unique in many ways:

• Family friendly: Classes are highly structured but in ways that are engaging, appropriate and meaningful to children. We are an art center exclusively for kids and families and we only hire qualified teachers who have a heart for, and enjoy working with children of all ages. We do not have programs for advanced students or any competition groups. We have no audition-based classes. Our focus is to inspire a love for the arts in an introductory setting that encourages participation and growth regardless of skill level. We make space for families and have viewing and seating for parents as well as a play area for siblings. Our noise threshold is a little higher than traditional programs as we want parents and siblings to feel welcome.

Shorter commitments: Our regular sessions run in 8-10-week session blocks allowing families increased flexibility in scheduling activities as well as minimizing burnout. There are no multi-week sessions scheduled over the winter holidays and summer classes are either single sessions, mini sessions or camps.

Less waste: We are striving for sustainability in how we use materials. We have a large inventory of tap shoes and share them “bowling alley” style. We recycle ballet slippers and dance attire. We are happy to receive leftover and unused art supplies as donations and re-use and upcycle art materials whenever possible. We have a large book and video library used by many families. We strive to provide programs at reasonable rates; our dance performances are simple and costuming expenses are minimal. 

Creating community: North Spokane has a wonderful community of families and we love being a part of their story. We make our space available to members of our community for various events whenever possible. We encourage our families to explore and support other art-focused businesses sharing program information and events as we understand that each offers something valuable and unique.

Through the Shine Youth Fund, we are proud to offer a reduced tuition program for qualifying families. You can learn more about this program here.

Thank you for your interest in programs at Shine Art Center. We hope you will help us spread the word about our organization; the more we grow, the more affordable and accessible we can make these programs. You can read more about Shine Youth Fund at www.shineyouthfund.org.